Game Lag


Super Pang! Bootleg Arcade2.3f average,100% stable
Super Street Fighter II X CPS22.6f average,82% stable
Street Fighter Zero 3 CPS22.6f average,86% stable
Garou Mark of the Wolves NeoGeo MVS2.6f average,94% stable
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike CPS32.6f average,94% stable


Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai1.7f average,96% stable
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]2.6f average,96% stable
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle2.7f average,92% stable
BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend2.7f average,96% stable
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev23.6f average,96% stable
Ultra Street Fighter IV3.7f average,96% stable
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike [30th]3.7f average,96% stable
Samurai Shodown4.0f average,92% stable
Fighting EX Layer4.2f average,87% stable
Super Street Fighter II Turbo [30th]4.2f average,52% stable
Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting [30th]4.3f average,55% stable
Street Fighter Alpha 3 [30th]4.3f average,60% stable
Skullgirls4.4f average,95% stable
Garou Mark of the Wolves4.5f average,98% stable
Street Fighter V 3.0914.5f average,77% stable
Dragon Ball FighterZ4.6f average,95% stable
Dead Or Alive Last Round4.7f average,97% stable
Tekken 74.7f average,94% stable
Street Fighter II': Championship Edition [30th]4.7f average,96% stable
King Of Fighters XIV4.7f average,96% stable
Street Fighter Alpha 3 [30th, Speed 1]4.7f average,96% stable
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers [30th]4.7f average,97% stable
Street Fighter V [< 3.091]5.5f average,38% stable
SoulCalibur VI5.5f average,72% stable
Samurai Shodown VI5.7f average,89% stable
Dead Or Alive 66.9f average,56% stable
Samurai Shodown Demo8.0f average,83% stable