Hello traveler, welcome to the repository of knowledge about input lag in gaming.

The input lag in a gaming system, or any interactive system, is the latency between the user input and a reaction on the screen. Input lag is an issue that has crept in the industry, little by little, without being noticed over the years. Nowadays, finding a gaming system with a latency similar to early 2000 without image degradation is a definitive challenge. It has come to a point where some games have major issues and it can cause uproars in the press.

The reasons behind this rise of the latency is mainly that systems have become more and more complex and developers often don't know or don't understand each part that can impact the latency.

This website has been made to help developers and consumers better understand the latency issues and how to tackle them.

There are three majors components in the lag chain:

  1. The controller
  2. The game engine
  3. The display

There are obviously plenty of subtleties around those three points. This website tries to reference all the knowledge around those parts, especially the two first one, and how to precisely measure them.