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I am Loïc WydD Petit, a gigantic nerd who has spent a lot of energy trying to better understand games. I am behind a lot of fighting game related reverse engineering projects like sfvsim, sfvdiff, kofbox, or the sf30ac-extractor.

As a side project, in 2018 I launched a new initiative to better understand the input lag with a proper scientific approach. This means: isolating the components as much as possible, proper methodology in the measures, and correctly identify which metric to monitor.

Twitter: @WydD
Reddit: -WydD-
Github: WydD
Gitlab: loic.petit


This website contains a lot of methodology and everything you need to measure the lag of your game or device. However, if you need my services in any way regarding this matter, don't hesitate to hit me up on twitter, my DMs are open.



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