Controller Lag

This page present the list of all the measures that were performed using the main methodology sorted by the %on time metric. If you happen to have additional results, please contact me with the result spreadsheet and I will add it promptly.

Brook Universal Fighting Board PS4 Positive Edge95% on time,1.0ms average
Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Positive Edge93% on time,1.3ms average
PS360+ PS3 / PS491% on time,1.7ms average
Brook Wireless Fighting Board PS4 Wired90% on time,1.8ms average
Hori Fighting Commander PC85% on time,2.7ms average
Razer Panthera PS485% on time,2.7ms average
SKY Q4T PS384% on time,2.8ms average
Sony Dual Shock 4 PS4 Bluetooth83% on time,3.0ms average
Hori Fighting Commander PRO PC80% on time,3.4ms average
Hori Fighting Commander PRO PS478% on time,3.8ms average
Brook Universal Fighting Board PS4 Negative Edge78% on time,3.9ms average
Hori Fighting Edge PS476% on time,4.2ms average
Hori Real Arcade Pro V Silent PC76% on time,4.2ms average
Hori Real Arcade Pro N PS476% on time,4.2ms average
Xinmotek XM-10 Dual Controller PS3/PC75% on time,4.2ms average
Hori Real Arcade Pro N PS375% on time,4.3ms average
Brook Wireless Fighting Board Bluetooth75% on time,4.3ms average
Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Negative Edge75% on time,4.3ms average
Hori Real Arcade Pro V Silent PS475% on time,4.4ms average
Nacon Daija 2.04 Firmware 74% on time,4.4ms average
Razer Panthera PS373% on time,4.7ms average
Fighters Pad Guilty Gear Xrd PS4 72% on time,4.8ms average
Hori Real Arcade Pro V Silent PS364% on time,6.2ms average
Qanba Q4 Xbox36063% on time,6.3ms average
Hori Fighting Commander PS461% on time,6.6ms average
Hori Fighting Commander PRO PS355% on time,7.7ms average
Hori Fighting Commander 4 PS453% on time,8.0ms average
Hori Fighting Stick V3 PS349% on time,8.6ms average
Hori Fighting Stick 2019 PS449% on time,8.7ms average
Virtua Stick High Grade PS345% on time,9.4ms average
Hori Mini Pad PS440% on time,10.2ms average
Sony Dual Shock 4 PS4 Wired39% on time,10.3ms average
Fighters Pad Guilty Gear Xrd PS337% on time,10.7ms average
Hori Fighting Stick Mini PS433% on time,11.4ms average
Toodles MC Cthulhu PS327% on time,12.3ms average
Hori Fighting Stick 2019 PS325% on time,12.7ms average
Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA PS325% on time,12.7ms average
Zero Delay USB Encoder 23% on time,14.9ms average
Hori BlazBlue CPE PS422% on time,13.1ms average
Xtokki360 + Sony PS1 Pad Xbox36012% on time,18.0ms average
PS360+ Xbox36011% on time,18.2ms average
Nacon Daija Original Firmware All modes4% on time,17.0ms average
Hori BlazBlue CPE PS32% on time,19.0ms average
Madcatz Tournament Edition SCV PS30% on time,24.2ms average
Madcatz Tournament Edition S+ TTT2 PS30% on time,23.9ms average